Thoughtful Machine Learning with Python A Test-Driven Approach BOOK PDF 2024.

 Thoughtful Machine Learning with Python A Test-Driven Approach BOOK PDF 2024.

Introduction to machine learning with Python:

We live in a data age, which benefits from better computing power for computers and the magnitude of storage resources. That's what we refer to when we talk about big data. This data or information is increasing by the day, but the real challenge is to understand it. Companies and organizations try to deal with this by building smart systems using data science, data extraction and machine learning (machine learning) concepts and methodologies. 

Of these, machine learning, especially with Python, is the most exciting area. 

It would not be wrong to call machine learning the application and science of algorithms that give meaning to data. In this article, we will talk about what Machine Learning is and its applications in the industry and its main concepts and we will put its concepts into practice using Python's programming language. Where does the need for machine learning come from? Nowadays, humans are the most intelligent and advanced species on Earth, because they can think, evaluate and solve complex problems. AI is still in its initial phase and has not exceeded human intelligence in many respects. 

So the question is why it is necessary to make machines learn. The most appropriate response is "to make decisions, based on data, efficiently and widely." Recently, organizations invest heavily in new technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning to obtain key insights from data to perform multiple tasks and solve problems. We can name these decisions made by machines, especially for process automation. 

These data-based decisions, rather than using programming logic, can be used in problems that cannot be programmed in nature. Currently, machine learning is used in self-driving cars, detecting wire fraud, recognizing faces, suggesting friends from Facebook, etc. 

Many large companies like Netflix and Amazon have built machine learning models that use a large amount of data to analyze users' interests and recommend products accordingly. 

What is machine learning? 

 Machine learning is an artificial intelligence field that aims to give machines the ability to "learn" from data, across mathematical models. 

It is precisely the process by which relevant information is derived from the training dataset. The objective of this phase is to obtain the parameters of a model that would perform best, especially when performing the model's task. 

Once the learning is complete, the model can then be published in production. Machine learning allows the machine to automatically learn from data, improve performance from experiments, and predict facts without explicitly programming them.

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