Python Data Science Handbook Essential Tools for Working with Data Book PDF Free FULL 2023

 Python Data Science Handbook  Essential Tools for Working with Data Book PDF Free FULL 2023.

Why we love Python for data science:


 Aptude has served as expert data consultants for some of the world’s best-known companies, some of which we cannot name. 

Our clients cover almost all sectors and ask us to help them in a variety of projects, including full stack development; IT services management, data dashboard and UX/UI.

And while we can do almost anything, some of our best work involves deep data science expertise, especially when it comes to Python plus Data Science. 

We love data science and Python so much that we have developed a Python Centre of Excellence in Mexico City, Mexico, to attract, train and place experienced talent in local and remote projects. 

In this article, we will explore why we love Python so much for data science, especially compared to other languages such as R or Scala. 

The languages of data science: 

First, it is useful to understand why programming languages are necessary for data science. The first thing to know is that data has always used some kind of programming language to work. 

Relational databases, for example, use SQL forms (including T-SQL) to tell the database what to do with the 0 and 1 that make up the database data. Because data is just that - static fields with (often) structured information. That’s right. 

The second thing to know is that data science involves manipulating extremely large datasets ('big data') using complex mathematical algorithms. 

Where SQL involves simple commands to join data lines, add or delete data and create simple «views», advanced data science programming languages manipulate data in a way that would It's so expensive, and it's really impossible to do it manually or even in a spreadsheet.

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