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What does Python do?

Python is both simple and powerful, it allows you to write very simple scripts and thanks to its many libraries, you can work on more ambitious projects. 

 * Web: Today python combined with the Django framework is a very good technological choice for large website projects.

 * System: Python is also often used by system admin to create repetitive or simply maintenance tasks. Moreover, if you want to create java applications by coding in python, this is possible thanks to the Jython project. 

 Why prefer Python to other languages?

 It is sometimes up to 5 times more concise than language Java for example, which increases the productivity of the developer and mechanically reduces the number of bugs. The python environment is rich in libraries. 

 Let’s not forget that a good coder hunter is not the one who can make his machine understand what he wants to do but who makes other developers understand what he wanted to do! Libraries are available for this domain such as the biopython module. 

There are also libraries facilitating the creation of 2D (and 3D) video games example: pyGame .

 The python documentation is also extremely well done, both for beginners and experts.

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