Advanced Python Programming PDF 2023.

 Advanced Python Programming PDF 2023.

Introduction to Machine Learning with Python - Theory:

we propose you to discover the basics of machine learning and to introduce you to it with the Python language.

This first part is non-technical and presents the concepts of machine learning, the different types of learning and their main algorithms. He finally places Python in this universe by presenting the many libraries at your disposal to address this discipline. 

Introduction: This article is the first part of a course on machine learning with Python. In this first part, we try to offer you a vision of the different areas of artificial intelligence and how Python stands out. 

It continues with a detailed presentation of machine learning, which today is certainly the most active branch of this discipline to the point of being on the lips of all large companies. We will try to lay the foundations to help you grasp the global view, the famous «big picture», which will help you to choose your algorithms and libraries. 

We will present: How Python is Willing to Do AI A Quick History of AI

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