Python All-in-One For Dummies eBOOK FULL PDF 2023

 Python All-in-One For Dummies 


Programming with the Python language:

So programming is the art of ordering a computer to do exactly what you want, and Python is one of the languages that it is able to understand to receive your orders. We are going to try this away with very simple orders concerning numbers, since it is the numbers that constitute his material of choice. We will provide him with our first «instructions», and in passing clarify the definition of some essential terms of the computer vocabulary, which you will encounter constantly in the rest of this book. Preliminary note: As we explained in the preface (see: Language versions, page 10), we decided to use in this course the new version 3 of Python, which introduced some syntax changes compared to previous versions. Whenever possible, we will indicate these differences in the text, so that you can easily analyze or use older programs written for Python 1 or 2. 

Calculate with Python: 

Python presents the particularity of being able to be used in several different ways. You will first use it in interactive mode, that is to say in such a way that you can dialogue with it directly from the keyboard. This will allow you to discover a large number of language features very quickly. In a second step, you will learn how to create your first programs (scripts) and save them on disk. The interpreter can be launched directly from the command line (in a Linux «shell» or in a DOS window under Windows): just type the python3 command (assuming that the software itself has been correctly installed, and that it is one of the latest versions of Python), or python (if the version of Python installed on your computer is earlier than version 3.0). If you use a graphical interface such as Windows, Gnome, WindowMaker or KDE, you will probably prefer to work in a «terminal window», or in a specialized work environment such as IDLE. Python is an extremely versatile programming language. You can use it to create websites, machine learning algorithms and even autonomous drones. Programming language is Python, the most used by programmers around the world. This gives you the power to create almost anything. But you have to learn it first. Learning any programming language can be daunting.

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