Machine Learning for Decision Sciences with Case Studies in Python PDF 2023.

 Machine Learning for Decision Sciences with Case Studies in Python PDF 2023.


learning Python for data science:

Programming language is the distinctive language and the favorite in data science and machine learning They need language that is easy to use, with decent library availability and a large community. It is unlikely that works and projects that work to bring together groups that are not active will modernize their platforms. Why does Python programming language contain all the world's widespread data science and what are the motivations for this? 

We looked at why Python is so widespread in Data Science and how you can use it in your Big Data and Machine Learning projects. Why is Python the best? 

Python has long been known as a simple programming language to master, from a syntax point of view. Python also has an active community and a wide selection of libraries and resources. The result? If you have a software platform, it makes sense to use it with modern technologies that are AI science: 

deep learning, machine learning, and data analysis and forecasting. Professionals working with data science applications do not want to get bogged down in complicated programming requirements. There are those who want to use modern programming languages developed such as Python for several reasons. 

Perhaps the most important of these reasons are wanting to carry out their tasks without hassle and software problems. Python also allows developers to deploy programs and run prototypes, greatly accelerating the development process. 

That’s why Python is so popular that 48% of Data Scientists rated Python as their favorite programming language. Why are Data Science and Python well linked? Why is Python Popular in Data Science? One reason is the wide selection of libraries.

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