Learn the Python programming language Crash Course Full Book Free PDF 2022.

 Learn the Python programming language Crash Course 

Full Book Free PDF 2022.

Learn the Python programming language:

Many of the trainings in progress, web development and data science, offer first a Python training. It is an intuitive and versatile programming language, ideal for beginners. 

Between 1990-1991, an open-source Python programming language was created, guided by the object, in conjunction with the 1991 Java programming language. 

Over time, it has grown in popularity with app developers and web developers. Python is an object-oriented programming language, that is, it aims to represent the elements of reality in virtual form. Let’s see together what makes the Pythonsi programming language popular and why it is strongly recommended to take a comprehensive training to learn how to handle your command lines. 

Python, a versatile language widely used in Data. Python is one of the most widely used programming languages for application developers. 

According to the TIOBE index, an indicator of popularity in programming, Python would be the third most used language by application developers, after C and Java and would be on the way to dethrone its competitors. 

Python is mostly used in writing scripts that allow the automation of file systems. However, this is far from the only purpose of this language. 

Python is also used to develop applications (developers of Spotify and Dropbox applications have made extensive use of this language for example), for the creation of web services or REST APIs, or for metaprogramming and code generation. 

In addition, the Python programming language is increasingly popular in the field of data analysis and artificial intelligence, as it allows sorting and ordering of data so that more resources can be drawn from it.

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