Learn Pandas for Everyone in Python with Data Analysis Book Full Free 2022.

 Learn Pandas for  Everyone in Python with Data Analysis 

Book Full Free PDF 2022.

What is pandas and what is it used for in Python?

When we talk about pandas we are not referring to a group of bamboo-eating black and white bears, we are talking about the Pandas library in Python, specialized in the management and analysis of data structure, open source and dependent on the Numpy library. 

With pandas we can represent tabular data with columns with labels and rows and time series. 

To learn more about these concepts, you can do so with our Master in Advanced Programming in Python for Big Data, Hacking and Machine Learning. 

In addition, being a dual master you can integrate the learning process with internships in companies. 

Tools of the pandas library:

 It provides us with tools that allow us to read and write data in various formats such as CSV, Microsoft Excel, SQL databases and HDF5 format.

They also allow us to select and filter data tables, merge and join data, transform them by applying both global and window functions, manipulate time series and even make graphs. 

Pandas has three different data structures: Series, are one-dimensional structures DataFrame, two-dimensional structures (tables) Panel, three-dimensional structures (cubes) Let’s see an example of the first two in a quick and simple way. 

Series: They are structures of a dimension, similar to arrays, has an index that associates a name to each element of the series to access it. 

DataFrame: They are structured data sets in table form where each column is an object of type Series, all data of the same column are of the same type and the rows can contain different types.

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