Learn Data Science with R A Step By Step BOOK FULL FREE 2022.

 Learn Data Science with R A Step By Step


Program in R for Data Science:

Interested in Data? Learn how to do Data Science and Machine Learning with the R language without prerequisites! 

 Description: The data scientist must be proficient in several computer tools enabling a statistical methodology to be implemented. 

In its category, the R language is a programming language that can certainly be a relevant tool for statistical data analysis, alongside other programming languages or other software. 

 This book is aimed at students of master’s degree in statistics and/or master big data who are making their first steps in data science, as well as engineers who wish to deepen their knowledge and implement their skills with the help of R, by taking over the different stages of the life cycle of a project based on statistical data analysis: 

data preparation, data transformation, data visualization, data analysis and finally, the final step, dissemination of the results of the analysis. 

 This course is dedicated to learning R programming applied to Data Science. If you want to learn to code, to learn to handle data or both, then don’t hesitate, this course is a concentrate of all this!

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