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  Beginning Programming with Python For Dummies 



When the task is successfully completed, you will be able to program in Python's professional object-oriented programming (OOP) model, which allows you to start your career in the programmer. All professional Python programmers develop applications in an OOP manner. You will also be able to write complex, scalable programs in Python when this course is completed.

The assignment takes a pragmatic approach where students learn by actively solving problems toward the concrete goal of creating real-world Python programs. The assignment covers realistic Python programs that you will develop using the object-oriented programming (OOP) model.

Aside from learning Python, in this course students also learn to use all the tools and techniques needed to become professional Python programmers. These include software design principles, highly structured code writing, code planning, code refactoring, SQL databases, and more.

We designed this course for absolute and non-absolute beginners. However, if you are a broker who knows Python well, you may benefit from the course because it covers some Python concepts and advanced programming that you won't find anywhere else. Advanced concepts, such as abstract chapters, separation methods, composition, restructuring, etc., will be covered and practiced in the cycle.

Do I need prior experience with other programming languages to take this course?

No. In fact, in this course you will not only learn Python composition. Python will understand the insides from a computer science perspective so that you have a deeper understanding of how programming works.

Who this course is for
Non-graduate beginners
Middle schoolers


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